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Top op

Top op Henna powder 100g

free from chemicals and superior quality. It promotes strength while conditioning the scalp as well as giving hair a tint of colour if left to dry also can use for hand for designing like tattoo apply on hands or body in the form of cream/pasteI..


Top op Rose Water 200ml

Rosewater is known for its skin beauty properties. For centuries, it has been used as a skin toner. Rosewater is also used for eyes as it helps to soothe eyes. It has healing properties, making it ideal to use on all skin types...


Top op vasma henna 100g

 Mode of application: Mix the required quantity of black henna with brush and warm water to form a soft paste Leave it for 5-10 minutes Wash your hair with shampoo to remove grease then dry it properly Apply henna with brush ..


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