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Miss White Beauty Active Brightening Cream for Face

Description; This rich velvety fading cream visibly promotes a more beautiful, lighter, unified complexion in a matter of days. Excellent for a dry complexion.Directions; Apply to clean dry skin on areas of concern, preferably at night. Fol..


Miss White Beauty Active Brightening Serum

nfused with a unique blend of lightening and brightening properties this lightweight serum promotes luminous, silky and amazingly beautiful even toned skin. Directions; Apply to clean dry skin on areas of concern,..


Miss White Beauty Active Dark Spot Corrector - Cream Gel

Description; Reduces dark spots and helps fight pigmentation, smoothing and restoring an even skin tone. Directions; Apply to spots on clean dry skin, preferably at night and let dry. Follow up with our SPF 50 SkinProtect sun protectio..


Miss White Beauty Active Exfoliating Soap

Description;Cleanses and exfoliates your skin, preparing it to receive lightening actives quickly and efficiently. Its magically scented, fine exfoliating foam leaves your skin freshly cleansed and smooth, promoting a softer skin tone. ..


Miss White Beauty Active Purifying Brightening Cream

Helps eliminate impurities responsible for imperfections as its pigment fading complex brightens your skin tone for a lighter, brighter and healthier complexion. Ideal for oily skin.Directions; Apply to clean dry skin ..


Miss White Body Lotion 500ml

Whiten, Lighten & Brighten with Fair & White Miss White ..


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