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Radox bath soak

RADOX BATH SOAK 500ML FEEL BLISSFUL 500ml with calendula & rose

RADOX BATH SOAK 500ML FEEL BLISSFULHow do you want to feel? A rose garden in midsummer trellises heavy with fragrant blooms. Nearby, calendula flowers release their golden scent, perfuming the air. Soak up the warm, heavenly scent and float away...


Radox Bath Therapy Vapour Therapy Herbal Bath Salts 400g

Relax in a hot bath of Radox Vapour Therapy Herbel Batch Salts. Mineral rich natural salts which help ease tired and aching muscles have been expertly blended with Eucalyptus to clear your mind and revive your senses. 400g..



Bath Soak.How do you want to feel?Sink into the deep, rich indulgence of Shea Butter and ginger, and feel the warmth radiate. Gentle bird song fills the air as the sun sets over the savannah.This moment was made for you.Radox. Feel Pampered.Pack Size..


Radox Feel Relaxed Bath Soak 500Ml (with lavender & waterlily)

Bath Soak.How do you want to feel?Unfurl a blanket in the long grass. Savour the warm breeze that carries the sweet scent of lavender. Fragrant swaying stems surround you, and in the distance the gentle chirping of cicadas.Radox. Feel Relaxed.Pack Si..


Radox Muscle Therapy Bath Soak 500Ml.(with black pepper & ginseng)

Bath Soak.How do you want to feel?Step into the raw vitality of black pepper and exhilarating ginseng and feel energised. Warmth radiates, refreshing and powering up tired muscles. Now, step out and feel brand new.Radox. Feel Repaired.Pack Size: ..


Radox Sleep Easy Bath Soak 500Ml. (with chamomile & jasmine)

Bath Soak.How do you want to feel?Drift away with the soothing scent of chamomile and jasmine, your mind floating skyward toward cotton-wool clouds. Prepare to ease into a calm, restful sleep, warm and comforting. Sweet dreams surely beckon.Radox. Fe..


Radox Stress Relief Bath Soak 500Ml(with rosemary & eucalyptus)

Bath Soak.How do you want to feel?Breathe in the fresh forest air, and feel the relaxing scent of rosemary and eucalyptus work wonders on a restless mind. In the wild outdoors you are freed from daily cares. Unwind in nature.Radox. Feel Stress Free.P..


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