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Sof n'free n'pretty

Sofn'freen'pretty (carrot oil creame) 12 oz.

This organic daily hair strengthener and moisturizer contains carrot oil extract with beta-carotene for healthy, shining hair. It moisturizes , strengthens and prevents hair breakage.Expert Advice Carrot Oil Crme What is it used for? Carrot Oil Crm..


Sofn'freen'pretty (cucumber conditioner softens & nourishes) 12 oz.

Sofn'free n'pretty stops damage before it starts. It Softens, Nourishes and Moisturizes.   Infused with Cucumber Oil Extract, vitamin E and herbs. Instantly moisturizes, softens and strengthens your childs hair.   Directions:..


Sofn'freen'pretty (olive oil detengler) 12 oz.

This pure, natural daily leave-in detangles all hair types. It also prevents breakage, promotes growth, and delicately tames tangles and knots.Expert Advice Olive Oil Detangler When's the best time to use it? Olive Oil Detangler, which prevents break..


Sofn'freen'pretty (shea butter shampoo moisturizing) 12 oz.

Made from naturally healthy African shea butter, this rich preparation is blended with gentle cleansers for a tear-free childrenÀs shampoo. Luxurious, fluffy suds remove dirt and grime to leave hair soft, supple, and tangle free.Expert Advice Shea B..


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