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francoise bedon

FRANCOISE BEDON Hydrating Milk for Man

Hydrating Milk for ManMilk moisturizer that nourishes the skin while hydrating and cleansing the body. The skin become soft, smooth and more radiant...


FRANCOISE BEDON Lightening Milk Carrot

Intense and very fast lightening treatment made with carrot oil. This nourishing moisturizer corrects dark spots and evens skin tone helping you find a healthier and brighter complexion...


FRANCOISE BEDON Lightening Milk Puissance

Made with sweet almond extract, this whitening treatment clarifies the body and evens the tone of the skin. Removes scars, sun and age spots...


francoise bedon Lightening Serum Carrot

Lightening serum made with carrot oil helps the skin to better fight against scars and dark spots clearing up the skins complexion. Reinforces actions on skin imperfections and wrinkles...


francoise bedon Lightening Soap Carrot

Nourished with carrot oil and vitamin A, this exfoliating beauty bar fixes the skin and helps clarifies a healthier and brighter complexion...


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